The magic of reach­ing out – by An­dreas N. Bjørn­dal

If we were iso­lated and closed off from every­thing we would die. Life is a ques­tion of ex­change. Ex­change of gases, liq­uids and foods in the sim­plest forms of life and of emo­tions, thoughts and in­spi­ra­tion in the more evolved.

Life, love and light are ba­si­cally the same thing they rep­re­sent ex­change on dif­fer­ent lev­els. From an ab­stract per­spec­tive one­ness in the uni­verse when com­pletely uni­fied be­comes noth­ing (Read about all & noth­ing). When all is uni­fied there is no sep­a­ra­tion or space, noth­ing is mov­ing and hence, no change nor time. The num­ber one or let­ter Al­pha rep­re­sents all and noth­ing at the same time.

Two rep­re­sents the one­ness di­vid­ing it­self cre­at­ing the cre­ation from within it­self.

Num­ber three is the two start­ing to ex­change with each other. It is life, love and light. With num­ber tree (read more about the num­bers here) the cre­ator “sees” the cre­ated, the ex­change with the cre­ated is the spirit of God hov­er­ing over the wa­ters. The Holy Ghost rep­re­sents the breath of God, his in­ter-ex­change within him­self.

The whole uni­verse is vi­brat­ing, breath­ing or singing, the whole uni­verse is alive, is lov­ing or filled with light. The He­brew word for heaven “Shamaim” can be trans­lated “Sea of fire”. Every­thing is vi­brat­ing with the breath of God, man­i­fest­ing as the Word or Verb that con­stantly sings the mu­sic of the spheres, the cos­mic sym­phony dri­ven by Gods breath.

In every­thing, in every be­ing, in all per­sons you meet it is God that is ex­chang­ing with him­self through you. If you can see God ex­chang­ing with you in every per­son you meet, in every cir­cum­stance in your life you get filled with trust, con­fi­dence, faith, love, light and life.

If you see God be­hind every­thing in your life, you re­al­ize all is wisely planned and lov­ingly taken care for. When you reach that level of re­al­iza­tion the breath of God is breath­ing the Holy Ghost in you.

It is all a ques­tion of reach­ing out and ex­chang­ing with more and more sub­tle as­pects of life, love and light. En­joy the magic of reach­ing out; a spir­i­tual breath­ing ex­er­cise.

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