The magic of rep­e­ti­tion – by An­dreas N. Bjørn­dal

You can lis­ten to an au­dio ver­sion of this ar­ti­cle, look fur­ther down.
In­dige­nous mu­sic some­times seem sim­ple in its struc­ture with its on-go­ing re­peat­ing themes. De­spite that it has a power to pull you into a deeper state of mind. Some peo­ple need to rock them­selves or we rock the baby in re­peated rhythm to rest or fall asleep. The abil­ity of rep­e­ti­tion to take you both deeper and higher has been un­der es­ti­mated.

If there is a text you do not un­der­stand or a topic, you can read it again and again and it will slowly re­veal it­self to you.
If you read a poem many times, you could dis­cover depths you missed at first.
Lis­ten­ing to a piece of mu­sic again and again can also ex­pand your per­cep­tion.

Any ath­lete or mu­si­cian can tell you how im­por­tant rep­e­ti­tion is to achieve some­thing new.

Her­a­cli­tus fa­mous say­ing “No man ever steps in the same river twice” is a good way to un­der­stand that re­peat­ing is not just rep­e­ti­tion but also a change into a new level.

From a per­spec­tive of holons, re­peat­ing takes you to the higher holon and in­creases your holonity, or align­ment with a higher holon.

Do not be afraid to re­peat and re­peat un­til you reach a deeper state.

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