The Se­cret of Your Feet – by An­dreas N. Bjørn­dal

The feet are per­haps the most ne­glected part of your body. Many peo­ple use their feet so lit­tle that they de­gen­er­ate quicker than any other part of the hu­man econ­omy. Grown ups with ath­letes feet, dry skin, corns, cracks in the soles, fungi on the nails of the feet or de­formed toes are very com­mon. On the other side, we have peo­ple with­out arms that have learned to use the feet as hands and are able to do amaz­ing things with them.

Wrap­ping up the feet in shoes all they long does not help them much.

You need the feet when you stand and walk about. They are your foun­da­tion, ground­ing and the most faith­ful ser­vant you have.

In the womb, you could at an early stage imag­ine the foe­tus al­most as a round ball or head, that starts to sprout out a spine that even­tu­ally get branches of limbs.
Or if you look at the de­vel­op­ment of an­i­mal life, you could imag­ine an oc­to­pus as a head and its “limbs” as an ad­vanced mouth. First when life de­vel­ops to the stage of fishes we get a chest. The an­i­mals that later in­habit dry land de­velop limbs with feet.

From both these per­spec­tives, we can see the head-feet axis as the be­gin­ning and end of a times­pan.

In as­trol­ogy, the first sign of the zo­diac, Aries is re­lated to the head, each sign fol­low­ing re­lates to parts of the body from the head down all the way to the feet, which are as­so­ci­ated with Pisces.

Pisces is the sign of the ser­vant , the per­son aware of the whole hu­mankind as a unity as op­posed to Aries the biggest “I” in the zo­diac. It starts with the aware­ness of an “I” and ends with the aware­ness of all of us. When you reach that aware­ness you be­come a ser­vant of the hu­man kind for the bet­ter of the com­mon good.

In the same way as the Pisces are a dou­ble sign, sym­bol­ized with two fishes, you need to have two feet to walk or stand put. The feet makes you aware of hav­ing two sides, and of learn­ing to co­op­er­ate or har­mo­nize the yin and yang or pas­sive and ac­tive or fem­i­nine and mas­cu­line na­ture in you.

If you have poor cir­cu­la­tion, the feet are of­ten the first part to get cold. Many peo­ple strug­gle to fall asleep be­cause of cold feet. This is the same prin­ci­ple of mov­ing from the “I” of Aries or your head, into the deep col­lec­tive of the Pisces or your feet. To be in touch with your feet and pro­vide them with the vi­tal heat of your blood, is to be so deeply re­laxed that you can flow into sleep or into the col­lec­tive un­con­scious.

The sym­bol of be­ing a ser­vant we also see in the act of kiss­ing the feet or wash­ing the feet. In old time ser­vants washed the feet of guest to keep the house clean. If the feet where washes by oth­ers it would be a de­lib­er­ate act of hu­mil­ity, show­ing re­spect and sub­du­ing one­self with self-hu­mil­i­a­tion. The same we see when peo­ple wash their feet or take of their shoes be­fore en­ter­ing a church or tem­ple as well as kiss­ing the ground or bend­ing their head to the ground in prayer. The ground is the realm of the feet.

The re­la­tion of the feet with the col­lec­tive, com­mon good, big­ger whole or big­ger holon is also seen in them be­ing the most used body part among holo­graphic treat­ment meth­ods. Holog­ra­phy is the prin­ci­ple of the whole body be­ing rep­re­sented in the feet, hands, eyes, ear, tongue as well as many other places.
Re­flex­ol­ogy is the prac­tice or ther­apy that uses this prin­ci­ple to cure ail­ments and dis­eases.
View­ing the two feet on a per­son ly­ing on a bench, in the most known pro­jec­tion of the bode, the heels rep­re­sent the lower body and the toes the head with its parts. The outer sides of the feet rep­re­sents the lat­eral parts of the body and the parts were the two feet al­most touch is the mid­dle ar­eas of your body ( See il­lus­tra­tion).

Re­flex­ol­ogy is a won­der­ful sys­tem of heal­ing; the fact that some­one touches your feet, the re­leas­ing pain from the ther­apy and the well be­ing you feel af­ter­wards is unique.

Old cul­tures as the Egypt­ian as well as the in­dige­nous peo­ple of Amer­ica and oth­ers knew this method of treat­ment ( See il­lus­tra­tion)

The feet are the ser­vants of your body!

1. Michael of Rhodes Il­lu­mi­nated Man­u­script from 1401 A.D. – The zo­diac as it re­lates to the body.
2. Re­flex­ol­ogy chart by An­dreas N. Bjørn­dal
3. From Ankhma­hor´s tomb called ”The tomb of the Physi­cian”. Ankhma­hor was “vizier”, “First af­ter the King”, “Over­seer of the Great House (Palace)” and his pharaoh was Teti (2323-2291 B.C.), first Pharaoh in sixth dy­nasty.

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