The sense of warmth – by An­dreas N. Bjørn­dal

In this se­ries about the senses, we will now ex­plore the sense of warmth. Many peo­ple limit the sens­ing ac­tiv­i­ties to five senses, but it is easy to un­der­stand that we per­ceive tem­per­a­ture too.
This is a sense that also ap­plies to the in­ter-hu­man realms. You can sense the warmth or cold­ness from an­other per­son.

Also in the an­i­mal king­dom re­lat­ing to cold blooded an­i­mals has not the same qual­ity of cosi­ness as with the higher de­vel­oped warm blooded fur an­i­mals.

The sense of warmth is dif­fer­ent to the sense of touch in the sense that it makes you in con­tact with some­thing deeper than the skin or sur­face. You get closer to the heart of the other per­son. Heat ra­di­ates from the in­side out through the sur­face.

If you sit in med­i­ta­tion and have reached a level of har­mony in your body and a feel­ing of unity of every part or cell in your body, you can start to feel the en­ergy en­velop­ing and pen­e­trat­ing through every as­pect of your body. As you ex­pand your aware­ness to tran­scend the lim­its of the skin and you try so sense what is around you from within, the feel­ing of the warmth your body em­anates is the first step.

This sense is not so well de­vel­oped in chil­dren yet and we need to pro­tect them from get­ting cold and blue when they swim or run out in win­ter with hardly any clothes.

If they get too cold they can get a cold or a flu, which makes the body re­spond with a fever. This is a beau­ti­ful re­sponse of care from the im­mune sys­tem and is also an im­por­tant el­e­ment of evo­lu­tion and growth. It is such a pity that so many peo­ple use med­ica­tions to stop or re­duce fever. It is so rare that is nec­es­sary.
We have lost the trust in na­ture and the con­nec­tion with its warm pro­tec­tive love.

Af­ter a fever a child of­ten ma­tures, grows and even the ema­ci­a­tion is a sign of the child chang­ing its in­her­ited body and mak­ing it more of its own.

Je­sus said: I say to you, un­less one is born of wa­ter and the Spirit, he can­not en­ter the king­dom of God. What does this mean? Earth and air are not help­ing you. Earth is a sym­bol of ma­te­r­ial pos­ses­sion and air is the mind and in­tel­lect. Wa­ter is your feel­ings and spirit is the fire that in­spires you. In­spi­ra­tion and love trans­forms you so you can grow and evolve. To reach heaven or the king­dom of God you need to grow to trans­form and evolve.

The fire of a fever is a bless­ing that helps us trans­form, the fire of the heart of an­other hu­man be­ing is the same.
Love and care helps us con­nect to­gether and be­come aware of a com­mon ground a big­ger unit, a big­ger whole or holon. When we are act­ing out of the best for all, out of the love of the oth­ers we are in touch with the big­ger good, we have a higher de­gree of holonity.

The love and care we show our chil­dren giv­ing them warm slip­pers in­doors or warm socks and warm mit­tens or thin soft wool un­der­wear when it is cold out­side is de­vel­op­ing their abil­ity to give warmth one day to oth­ers. When we warm their souls with a nice meal, a nice sur­prise, a cup of hot choco­late we de­velop their love to­wards oth­ers.

We need to warm the cold hearts so they can open their doors. Clos­ing the doors to­wards them has no use since their door is to closed to feel that.

Take the op­por­tu­nity to look at oth­ers with un­con­di­tional love, to re­late to oth­ers with un­con­di­tional pos­i­tive re­gard and leave oth­ers with a heart that is glov­ing just a bit more than be­fore they met you. Feel­ing ac­cepted, seen, re­spected as the per­son they are about to be­come.

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