The World of Magic and The Magic Cir­cle – by An­dreas N. Bjørn­dal

How can we un­der­stand the World of the Ma­gi­cian and use it for our self-de­vel­op­ment to­day? Let us take a step back in his­tory first.
If you go back a few hun­dred years many peo­ple did not know how to read, they did not spend much of their life within the field of knowl­edge. Read­ing, re­flect­ing, think­ing, learn­ing facts etc. was a rare ac­tiv­ity for the few.
Peo­ple could not con­duct their own life as we can to­day. They were born with lim­ited pos­si­bil­i­ties of ed­u­ca­tion with no hope of change of so­cial po­si­tion or class. To­day peo­ple in the mod­ern world can learn and achieve al­most any­thing. We have en­tered into a state of in­creased au­ton­omy or abil­ity to con­duct and cre­ate our own life.

René Descartes fa­mous words “Cog­ito, ergo sum” (je pense, donc je suis / I think, there­fore I am), which he wrote in Dis­course on the Method, is a good sym­bol of this change in time. Peo­ple started to think for them­selves, they be­came aware of be­ing an in­di­vid­ual.

Peo­ple were stuck in so­cial class as well as world­view be it one of su­per­sti­tion or fun­da­men­tal­ism. The de­vel­op­ment of a stronger self an in­di­vid­u­al­ity that could think its own thoughts, ques­tion ideas, be­lief or con­cepts and make its own point of view is taken as granted to­day. En­ter­ing into the time of en­light­en­ment and the world of logic made a sci­ence that ap­proached the ex­ter­nal na­ture with the mind and asked ques­tions.

A few cen­turies ago peo­ple still be­lieved the devil was walk­ing amongst us, that some peo­ple were witches and that we had good and bad forces in in­vis­i­ble be­ings amongst us that we could pro­tect us from or ap­peal to through magic.

Peo­ple were search­ing for items such as the Philoso­phers Stone, the Holy Grail, The Magic Mir­ror and oth­ers to gain ma­te­r­ial wealth, cre­ate gold or a pro­longed life.

In this ar­ti­cle se­ries we will ex­plore some of these tools and see how we can use them in our daily life in the post post­mod­ern world.

We will start with the Magic Cir­cle. Small kids can make a cabin in the liv­ing room with a blan­ket and two chairs, they can make a whole unique world in­side a big card­board box, or un­der a bush in the gar­den. They nat­u­rally cre­ate magic cir­cles where the ex­ter­nal world is closed out and they can cre­ate their own magic world in­side the cir­cle. It is not a phys­i­cal world, but it is very real in their minds. It lives in the realm of ex­pe­ri­ence, in­ner ex­pe­ri­ence. Such worlds can cre­ate and do won­ders for the mind, soul or psy­che.

Grown ups also make magic cir­cles. If you write a the­sis, paint a pic­ture, cook food etc. You col­lect the things you need to have them within range, in­side the cir­cle and you close out the ex­ter­nal world.

You can use this con­sciously when you need to con­cen­trate, start a new pro­ject, cre­ate or solve a prob­lem. Make a cir­cle by cre­at­ing the space you need, col­lect the things you need and close out the ex­ter­nal world. Do it with in­ten­tions and aware­ness, make that cir­cle to fo­cus and work more ef­fi­cient. Use it to be­come in­spired and cre­ative.

You can even make it like a rit­ual if you like. Step into the cir­cle leav­ing your mo­bile out­side turned off, close the door, if you like have back­ground mu­sic or make sure you do not get dis­turbed. You might like to have a rope to cre­ate the cir­cle or place some gem­stones or other items to cre­ate a cir­cle around you.

Even if your place is small and crowded, make at least some space around your lap­top, or pro­ject to give room, to make an open empty space for new en­er­gies. Make a cir­cle by mov­ing a few things out of the cir­cle, so you have a lit­tle box or magic cir­cle around the area of the table you use and around your chair. If even that is dif­fi­cult, close your eyes and imag­ine the per­fect area to be in. Cre­ate a magic cir­cle in your mind.

These kind of rit­u­als makes it eas­ier to be fo­cused, con­cen­trated, cre­ative and in the mode of ini­ti­at­ing and start­ing your new pro­ject.

You can also use these prin­ci­ples to am­plify your spir­i­tual work, self-aware­ness pro­ject or your steps to­wards mas­tery in life.

Magic cir­cles are not only closed spaces they are gates and doors into an­other world. If you want to know more about the power of The Magic cir­cle you can read more here . We ex­plored it with a blinded ex­per­i­ment and the re­sults you find in the link above.

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