Tree of Life – in short

Tree of Life – in short

In the tradition of the initiates the Tree of Life is a map of the steps in the spiritual world.
Rather than a journey, it is a transformation, a metamorphosis or transition in dimensions.
It is about how to refine, accept and improve, shape, mould and perfect your temple, to open yourself to the subtle worlds.
To make better choices and let the luminous, harmonious, beautiful and transparent take more and more part.
It is letting go of matter and ego, desire, needs and belongings and focusing on aligning with bigger circles, bigger holons, being of service to humanity, Gaia and the higher worlds.

Let us look at this path from the Tree of Life, sephira by sephira.

MALKUTH – Kingdom (Earth)

We all start in here.
In Malkuth you can materialize, concretize and manifest. You can ground yourself and connect with nature and mother earth, Gaia.
Here you can make the mud in life transform into a beautiful crystal.
In Malkuth we learn to master stability, grounding and manifestation.
It is about realizing “Ye are the salt of the earth”. The protectors that preserve the spiritual world like salt preserves.

YESOD – Foundation

Here you start to realize that there is more between heaven and earth. This is the first step towards sublimation, purification and opening up to the more subtle aspects of reality.
Focus changes from matter to energy, vibration, flow, intuition, sensitivity and imagination.
You become aware of atmosphere, subtle connections and the realization of being part of something bigger than yourself.
Opening up, is going in, is accepting your personal experience and the value of the subjective realms.
Here you learn the importance of purity, clarity and being transparent to succeed in this sphere.
This is the realm where the sacred enters your life and the alter of your body or an alter in your home becomes a natural reality.

HOD – Splendor / Glory (Mercury)

When you enter the realm of Hod you want to understand everything.
Connection with Hod makes the brain clear, flexible, and intelligent – full of light.
Hod makes you a master of words and concepts and gives you eloquence and precision to express exactly what you think and feel.

When you learn to see that the same principles are represented everywhere in nature and in all sciences, you start to appreciate the Splendor or Glory behind the universe, and then you can move on

NETZACH – Victory / eternity (Venus)

When you enter in contact with Netzach you align with esthetics, beautify and harmony.
You start to radiate colors, you emanate a fragrance, there is a harmony entering all your expressions, even music is behind your expressions.
Here you learn to let the flow of love flow through you and into all beings and all nature.
In Netzach your focus is to improve yourself, your spiritual growth.
This is what creates Eternal Victory over your weakness.
Your priority is to align with the spiritual involution that lets you evolve and bring harmony and synchronicity in life.

TIPHERET – Beauty / Splendour (Sun)

As you align with Tipheret your focus is to cultivate Virtue.
You want to radiate, shine, and sparkle like the sun.
You become a source giving light or illumination, warmth or love, life or vitality.
In alignment with Tipheret you cultivate mastery of life.
Your focus is how you can be a source of inspiration, love and health to everyone and everything on your path.
In Tipheret your Splendour consist of the virtues of Truth, Wisdom, Love, Justice and Purity.

GEBURAH – Strength / Severity (Mars)

As you fill yourself with Geburah you align with a higher will.
You become vigilant, victorious and triumphant, compared to those who do not vibrate in harmony with divine law.
Here you are filled with power to align with the order of God and the Universe.
You do not only master your actions but your feelings and thoughts too.
This is alignment makes you like a laser where all the light is coherent, hence very powerful.

CHESED – Mercy (Jupiter)

Opening the doors of the soul to Chesed fills you with kindness, greatness, generosity, mercy, honesty and truth.
Here you attain compassion and abundant bliss. This is being in the seventh heaven.
Your awareness expands to the highest state, a wholeness so vast and completed that you feel spiritual peaceful contentment.

BINAH – Understanding / Intelligence (Saturn)

In Binah you see the incredible intelligence in the universe, all injustice in actions, feelings and thoughts are brought back to order, like ripples in an ocean reversing back to the point before the impact.
Karma is resolved as all you actions of free will that where not in alignment are mended and silenced.
You attain the firmness and stability of a divine unshakable rock which also dissolves all the aspects of the ego.
Here you align with the akashic record.
Everything that is a manifestation of time in the smallest corners of the omnipresence dissolves back to timelessness.

CHOKMAH – Wisdom (Zodiac – Uranus)
When you enter the domain of Chokmah you align with the Word or Verb of creation, the music of the spheres.
This is the uttering, singing, feeling, thinking, or rather blessing of God that sustains the creation and its existence.
Here you are one with Christ the son of God, the Word.
This makes you understand everything because each sound, its symbol, each meaning contains a unified wisdom and love with the power to manifest, give life, give awareness.
This is omnipotence into the infinite.
This is such a closeness to God that the return is long time forgotten.

KETHER – Crown (Neptun, primum mobile)
This is The I am, the unity with God, the instant combustion and the highest point of spiritual attainment
Here you transcend to unite with the seal of eternity and infinity, where The All is The One.
The One, all-powerfulness, all-omniscience, all-presenceThis is oneness with God himself.

We work on matter, on the body, on the daily challenges day and night, year after year, life after life to refine, increase the vibration, make it more transparent, more vital, full of love and light so that it one day can express the divine.
As above so below, this is the path of the initiate.

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