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We have 8 trigrams, the basic buildingblocks of chinese philosophy.
The hexagrams reflect how they combine, read about the Hexagrams here.

Both Trigrams and Hexagrams are made with unbroken “yang” lines and broken “yin” lines to form the 8 or 64 possible combinations.
(Read about the Hexagrams here)

The 8 Trigrams

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坤 KÚN    The Receptive
, field

In nature: Earth
Qualities: Weak, Yielding, Dark, Nurturing, Responsive, Receptive, Passive, Adaptable, Accepting, Submissive, Devoted, Charitable, Protective, Even-tempered, Frugal, Fertile.
Attributes: black, southwest, mother (consort), belly, early autumn, night, soil, matter, devoted, yielding, receptive
Miscellaneous: Cloth, Kettle, Pregnancy, Level, Balanced, Impartial, Large Wagon, Form, Ornament, Multitude, Shaft, Tree Trunk, Square
Element: Soil
Animal: 牛 cow
Action: To Exist
Virtue: Self Control
Bjørndals analogies: Malkuth, Earth, The Perfectionist Type 1, The Peacemaker Type 9


坎 K´AN The Abysmal, gorge, danger

In nature: water 水 Clouds, Rain, Spring, Pit, Chasm.
Qualities: Dangerous, Difficult, Profound, Anxious, Deep, Mysterious, Damned, Persistent, Persevering, Flexible, Mobile, Unstable, Fluid, Melancholy, Pervasive, Protean, Driving, Surrounding.
Attributes: Scarlet, north, second/middle son, ear, Midwinter, midnight, dangerous, in-motion
Miscellaneous: Ditches, Ambush, Bad luck, Bent and Straightened, Bow, Wheel, Sick Heart, Earache, Blood, Stumbling Horse, Wrecked Chariot, Moon, Thieves, Hardwood, Toil.
Element: Wood
Animal: 豕 pig
Action: To Have, To Do (Power)
Virtue: Honor
Bjørndals analogies: Iesod, Moon, The Child, The Helper, Type 2 & The Peacemaker, Type 9




巽  SUN , xùn The Gentle, ground

In Nature:  wind 風 wood
Qualities: Gentle, Penetrating, Gradual, Honest, Simple, Subtle, Transitory, Shifting, Elusive, Whispering, Caressing, Indecisive, following.
Miscellaneous: Guideline, Work, Long, High, Advance and Retreat, Odor, Gray-haired, Broad Forehead, White of the Eye, Close to the Grain, Threefold Return.
Attributes: White, southeast, early summer. midmorning, first/eldest daughter, thigh, penetrating, gentle entrance
Element: Wood
Animal: 雞 fowl
Action: To Feel
Virtue: Loyal
Bjørndals analogies: Hod, Mercury, Young Boy, The Achiever, Type 3

離 LI The Clinging, radiance

In nature: fire 火 Sun, lightning
Qualities: Clear, Conscious, Intelligent, Dependent, Clinging, Beautiful, Illuminating, Warming, Searing, Phosphoric (light-carrier), belonging
Miscellaneous: Clarity, Coat of Mail, Helmet, Armor, Lance, Weapons, Big-bellied, Dryness, Tortoise, Crab, Snail, Mussel, Shell-bearing, Creatures, Tree Dead at the Top, Firm Without, Hollow Within.
Attributes: Yellow, south, midsummer, noon, second/middle daughter, eye, light-giving, dependence, clinging, clarity, adaptable
Element: Fire
Animal: 雉 pheasant
Action: To Love
Virtue: Compass
Bjørndals analogies: Netzach, Venus, Young girl, The Romantic, Type 4

乾  CHIEN (Qian) Heaven, the Creative, force

In nature: heaven, sky 天
Qualities: Creative, Strong, Will, Active, Light of Day, Firmness, Spirit, Inspiring, Power, Aggression, Completion Consistent, Circulation, Fertilizing
Attributes: Purple, northwest, early winter, daytime, father, head, strong, creative
Miscellaneous: Round, Prince, Jade, Cold, Ice, TreeFruit, Upper Garment, Word, Prehistoric, Flesheater.
Element: Metal
Action: To think
Virtue: Correct (Saint)
Bjørndals analogies: Tipheret, Sun, Master, The Observer, Type 5


震 CHEN (Zhen) The Arousing, shake

In nature: thunder 雷
Qualities: Arousing, Rising, Active, Action, Motion, Excitement, Growth, Expanding, Initiative, Impulsive, Provocative, Adventurous, Surprising, Experimental, Tension, Vehement, Influential, Persuasive, Seductive, Decisive, Manifest.
Attributes: Amber, east, spring, early morning, first/eldest son, foot, inciting movement, initiative
Miscellaneous: Spreading Out, Blossoming, Great Road, Green Bamboo, Reed, Rush, Pod-bearing Plants.
Element: Grass
Animal: 龍 dragon
Action:  To Say
Virtue: Integrity
Bjørndals analogies: Geburah, Mars, Mature Man, The Questioner, Type 6

兌 TUI (Dui) the Joyous, open

In nature: lake, marsh 澤
Qualities: Satisfied, Fulfilled, Excessive, Open, Pleasing, Enjoying, Joyous, Happiness, Magical, Elfin, Mischievous, Attractive.
Attributes: Blue, west, Late autumn, dusk, third/youngest daughter, mouth, pleasure, tranquil (complete devotion)
Miscellaneous: Sorceress, Tongue, Smashing, Breaking Apart, Dropping Off, Bursting Open, Hard Salty Soil, Concubine, Ripe Fruit, Goat, Gypsy.
Element: Flesh.
Animal: 羊 sheep, goat
Action: To see
Virtue: Respect
Bjørndals analogies: Chesed, Jupiter, Mature Woman, The Adventurer, Type 7


艮 KEN (Gen) Keeping Still, bound  

In nature: Mountain 山
Qualities: Tranquil, Immobile, Still, Fixed, Resting, Safety, Perverse, Waiting, Patient, Calm, Stubborn, Inert, Methodical, Eternal, Grounded, Balanced
Attributes: Emerald Green., northeast, late winter, dawn, youngest/third son, hand, resting, stand-still, completion
Miscellaneous: Byway, Mountain Path, Pebbles, Doorway, Opening, Gateway, Seed of Fruit, Eunuch, Watchman, Doorkeeper, Fingers, Rat, Black-billed Bird, Gnarled
Element: Stone.
Animal:wolf, dog
Action: To Be
Virtue: Heroic, Courage
Bjørndals analogies: Binah, Saturn, The Old, The Asserter, Type 8, The Perfectionist, Type 1



Read about the Hexagrams here



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