What can a homeopath or other therapists gain from perennial philosophy or esoteric science? – Part 2

This article is in five pieces, depending of what you want to explore, you can jump to the part you like, or read it all.

Part 1
The hierarchy of knowledge based on Auguste Comte. Then also expanded both downwards into the unconscious (obfuscated) and upward into the superconscious (spiritual) realms.

Part 2
A short summary of the path through the upper realms.

Part 3
The different levels of knowledge from Blooms revised taxonomy and how it is reflected in different levels of homeopathic practice.

Part 4 ( To be published soon)
My own journey and the role of perennial philosophy and classical esoteric sciences in my own discoveries of archetypes and miasms.

Part 5 ( To be published soon)
When the homeopath transcends homeopathy. A higher holonity or unity of client, remedy and practitioner.

The path through the upper or spiritual realms – part 2

When people start to open themselves to experiences and phenomena that cannot be explained by science, when they say there is more between heaven and earth, they transcend the objective realm, or external world and enter the spiritual or psychic spheres.  

The first step here is represented by and openness to many different phenomena that challenges the accepted limitations of space, time and awareness.

This eventually turns into a need to understand, which attracts us to the esoteric sciences from perennial philosophy. It could be numerology, alchemy, astrology, kabbalah and more. This stage leads to wisdom (See pink in illustration).

When this stage is saturated, the need for implementation and spiritual growth takes more and more place. The acceptance and concern for self, others and nature leads to the cultivation of unconditional love (See pink in illustration).

The unconditional love dissolves the ego and leads to the transcending of the self and surrendering to a bigger whole, a bigger holon, a bigger holonity or higher will (See pink in illustration).

Going down into the subconscious and unconscious, or ascending to the higher realms involves an expansion to a bigger circle of “The all”. You cannot go up without also going down. Both ways are interconnected leading to a bigger holon hence giving a higher holonity all the way towards a universal holon. 

Now that we have explored the hierarchy of awareness we will look at the knowledge base needed to become a good homeopath (part 3)

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