Yud – Hand


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Yud, J 10

Suares:   Whereas Aleph (1) is the beat, or pulsation of life-death-life-death, Yod (10) is its projection in temporal continuity. So Yod (in Hebrew: the hand), is the opposite of Aleph, its partner playing against it in the game without which nothing would be.

The meaning of the letter symbol
Hand, right hand (∞ Kaph = left), fist,
pointing index finger,
the hand as a symbol of God.
power and activity;
seed, semen, penis

∑ Hand-le, initiate, «I»


Yod (10) represents Aleph (1) in existence. Thus where Aleph was potential or able-to-be, Yod is being. Where Aleph was time-less and beyond any limit, Yod is in time and thus is limited. Thus in a sense Yod being Aleph in existence is in a state of perpetual contradiction for Aleph is timeless and not existing but not non-existent while Yod is time-like and in existence. For as we become aware of existence so do we change it. It is the first manifestation of that quantum principle that by measuring something we alter the qualities we wish to measure. Thus Yod is in conflict with Aleph because it is a contradiction or paradox — a wave-particle duality. The war with time enters into all existence and is the war between Aleph and Yod. A cosmic game is being played out in all that exists everywhere between, if you wish, the ideal and the actual. Suares, Spectrograms

Holon, unity and wholeness, holonistic knowledge, self-development, spirituality, nature and mysticism as the way to truth

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