Amethyst – holonistic gemstone exploration

Amethysts are amongst the most famous gemstones. A gem most people are familiar with.


We decided to explore it Thursday 05-02-15 with a holonistic approach.

The name A-methyst comes from the Ancient Greek  a- (“not”) and μέθυστος méthystos (“intoxicated”), not-intoxicated. The Greeks believed it to relieve or help from drunkenness.

When you try to understand the knowledge base of amethyst in a unified way, you will see that the qualities of Kether (The Crown) in Kabbalah or the qualities associated with Neptune have a strong analogy.


(The picture:  Here you see the sun rise on the day of the holonistic experiment, there was two circles around the sun,m here we only managed to capture the inner circle with the 3 extra “sun” like centers forming a cross. You see the one on the top forming a crown, almost like a Neptune trident, a fork with three spears, and the one on the right you also see. The sun in the middle had a strong beam straight up, adding to the trident association  – this phenomenon is called sundogs and is formed by minute ice crystals. We could even see them floating in the air reflection the brilliant sunlight)
Priests used amethyst to get in touch with the highest spiritual energy. It was also used to help in celibacy, to calm the nerves and in most issues of love. Let us see of this came to a unified understanding from our holonistic approach.

Amethys represents the spiritual love of a deep unity with The All, like becoming one with the universal sea of the God Neptune. This is a good way to understand the most important aspect of celibacy. Without that love, celibacy becomes suppression. Amethyst also helps you understand the mistaken addiction of alcohol or drugs as a replacement of unconditional love. It helps to perceive the aim of the priest being a source or channel of the highest aspect of the universe. That is why priest used Amethyst rings. So from a perspective of Amethys having the ability to confer universal unconditional detached love we can understand its traditional use. The participants in the experiment even felt the calmness like you would imagine it would be to be a crystal. This would add the calming effect on the nerves to the picture.

Neptune is the ancient “God of the Sea”, be it the universal sea, or the wordily sea, even the sea of intoxication. Sea in hebrew Maim, is part of the hebrew word Shamain meaning Heaven or “sea of fire”. Etymologically we can see the connection with Marum (lat.) or Mer (fr.) and Mar (sp.). The etymological connection to the Egyptian Mer, meaning love is very likely.

So Neptune is both connected with the wordily sea of emotions and intoxication as with the universal sea of sublime unconditional love. You can drown or dissolve in both. Where you see solve, you see coagula. Where you see Neptune look for Saturn. Everything in life has a quality due to the reduction of its opposite. We see how Neptune is analogues to Amethyst.

Amethyst gives you the ability to get in touch with the “sea of fire”, the Shamain and hence substitute the reason behind getting intoxicated. The highest love, is pure and gives clarity, it is detached and gives freedom, it is unconditional and spiritual. When you submerge yourself in Amethys the need or addiction is resolved and you get into a stable crystalline state of deep connection.
When love life is troubled and you feel cut off, or separation, no connection, or a desire to close off from being offended, Amethyst helps you to dissolve the crystalline structure that isolates you from the sea of love. This is a balance of solve et coagula. To dissolve or to crytalice. Closing off or getting intoxicated is transformed by Amethyst. The closing off or coagula becomes an integrity through connection with the highest love. The solve or intoxication becomes a reconnection to a place where there never was any separation, the spiritual coherent love we all are submerged in. That is also why Amethyst helps to reconnect with persons you have been apart for years.

This reunion is a clear pure unconditional reunion, a reunion from high above, from long ago, an eternal reunion, the reunion that will be the same as with those you meet when you die. The closest of your soul peers, your soul family. A reconnection with a connection that was always there, even if you were in a delusion of separation.

If you have gone astray, a castaway or shipwrecked person in the sea of love, not letting yourself dissolve, a coagulated state, like the cubic salt crystals on the sea shore, dwelling on the past loss, grieving or becoming cold and hard, Amethyst can let you dissolve that island so you again can swim, drink, wash and purify yourself with the sea of love.

On the other side if you drown in Neptunian abuse, intoxication escaping into a foggy delusion of reality, substituting connection with the real love, with delusional indulgences in passion or addiction, Amethyst can help you get dry on shore and find your integrity in a stable state, like a crystal that realizes its grid of connection with the universal love.

With amethyst those two extremes are dissolved or focused. It creates a balance of solve & coagula. The frozen isolated island coagula lets itself dissolve and the foggy floating solve, retains its focus and reconnects with the stable crystal of eternal love.


The analogy with Neptune should be obvious. Kether, the Crown is itself associated with Neptune, in the Kabbalah. It also represent the first manifestation from the “nothing” or Ain, a coagula or a solve depending on the direction. This meeting point of solve and coagula at the highest point in the Tree of Life is described as a face in profile. One side is manifested the other hidden, solve et coagula. Kether is also described as Reshit ha galgalim or the first swirling, the first stirring of the cosmic sea, the stick which God turns around to make it all move, the primum mobile. The meeting point between the unformed endless limitless eternal cosmic sea and the first manifestation. On the other side Kether is assosiated the Hayot Ha Kodesh The Holy Living Animals, the four-faced beings representing the spiritual quint-essence of the four elements, the stable fixed principle of solid manifestation, coagula. We see here that Kether and Neptune both describe the quality in Amethyst in a good way.

The Egyptian God, Banebdjet, is a ramheaded God with four heads. He was central to the delta area in Egypt. Old Egypt was a microcosmos in the macrocosmos, the land was a man with the head in the north and the nile as the spine. The delta was the crown, and this God being allocated to this area reflects their understanding of the qualities of Kether. Banebdjets four heads is an analogy to the Hayot Ha Kodesh with the four faces of a bull, lion, eagle and man. He was the main God of Mendes in the Delta.

His name is also written Banebdjedet and he represent The All, all that is, that was and will become, even all that is not. The meeting point of solve and coagula, of the created and not-created. The resolution of the all and nothing in the same way as the hebrew letter Aleph in the understanding of Carlo Suares “The resolution of the paradox of all and nothing” Ba-neb-djed is Ram/soul-lord-stability. A name containing the Universal Soul or the primum mobile connected with the eternal stability of djed.

The Amethyst has opened up an understanding of a love so sublime, so high, so free, so unconditional, so detached, so cold and warm at the same time, that is is like light and darkness, connection and disconnection, all and nothing completely united.


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2 thoughts on “Amethyst – holonistic gemstone exploration”

  1. Tusen takk for innsiktsfull artikkel om ametyst, Andreas! Meget relevant tematikk. Jeg mener at jeg ofte kan se denne krystalliserte tilstanden hos mennesker. Teksten gir meg en dypere forståelse som jeg vil bringe med meg videre i mitt arbeid med meg selv og andre.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Er ny i blogg-verden og trodde jeg hadde svart på denne 🙂
      Tusen takk for hyggelig tilbakemelding.
      Vi hadde en spennende høst med kornsirkler, nå er det edelstener som er fokus.
      Håper alt er bra med deg og husk at du alltid er velkommen 😉


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